A new year…

and a new baby. coming soon. I hope. I’m 39 weeks (tomorrow) and cannot wait to meet this baby. I should perhaps lanolize the 140 diaper covers I’ve knitted (ok, slight exaggeration. I did force myself to STOP knitting them since I’m not even sure if I’ll love wool with newborn poop. I don’t think I’ll know until I’ve met my baby.)

I should also pack a bag for the hospital…. I did do the baby laundry. The car seat is ready. For my husband’s stress level, the crib is now up. I keep thinking “really, it’s ONE baby. we’ll manage just fine.” Because up until now we’ve only known what TWO babies was like. And this time around, my husband will be home for 37 weeks after the birth. 37 weeks as a family. It might get stressful, but will most likely be blissful as well.

So needless to say 2011 will be different for our family. The only one we can imagine spending mostly together, as a unit of five.

I wasn’t sure I’d pick a word for 2011, but i’ve been doing it for 2 years and it’s a nice year long reminder to focus on ‘something’… last year it was habit, and in many ways I did fabulously in changing habits of mine. In others, I failed miserably. But either way, during the year, I thought of it, and it helped keep focus.

This year, I choose PASSION. Because along the way, due to situations out of my control, I find that I’ve managed to lose sight of my passions. I’ve managed to let them slip. And if I had one word to describe myself, it would be passionate. So really, losing sight of my passions is not really an option. I cannot become complacent (as i have). I must focus. I must work towards them. I must allow them to infiltrate my life fully once again. I am vocal about what I love. I act upon what I love. Though in the last 2 years or so I have forced myself to allow these things to take a back burner. THAT cannot be who i’ve become.

I must follow MY passion.
I am not a has been, I am a work in progress.
An artist who WILL once again create art.

I choose passion.

Bonne Fête Pepère!
Oh, and because I can’t post without sharing a photo of some sort, we celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday on January 1st (day after his birthday).
To think that by March 2011 the grandchild count will go up from TWO to FIVE.


3 thoughts on “A new year…

  1. Re coucou Annie, oui PASSION est un excellent mot-moteur. Je te souhaite de trouver le chemin y menant. Je médite sur mon mot deux mille onze. (pour moi l’an dernier j’avais choisi le mot ACCUEIL puisque ma Liv est entré dans ma vie et pour le reste de la vie.)4.

    • merci Catherine! J’avais aussi pensé choisir le mot famille cette année puiqu’on va avoir la chance de passé 9 mois ensemble… un cadeau rare!!!

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