Wishing you a warm winter Solstice…

I had high hopes of marking the solstice today, but my day to day is becoming more challenging, and in our home the solstice went mostly quietly…

My children’s last day at their preschool before the christmas break was today and these are the gifts they gave their teachers… I hope they were well received! The stars are from the latest Living Craft magazine, on a slightly smaller scale since my felt was only 7.5in wide so I was limited (and was amazed I had enough felt on hand to create these without having to go out and buy some… which would have resulted in not happening for this christmas!)

Winter Stars

Winter Stars

Winter Stars
this one I designed myself… and could have done it differently, though I hope it works!

Oh, and today was a good news day — my baby is (currently) head down for the first time (to my knowledge) this pregnancy — at 36 1/2 weeks this is exciting news indeed!


4 thoughts on “Wishing you a warm winter Solstice…

  1. those are sooo pretty I have to make some for myself and gifts…..maybe I have time, and my felt is the same size as yours!

    thanks so much for sharing these!

    congrats on the head down! that is a way to celebrate the solstice….new wee one soon!

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