Glipses :: Christmastime Traditions

Glipses :: Christmastime Traditions
the what-I-hope-becomes-an-annual-tradition-christmas-tree-hunt. We went to the farm my mom grew up on with my mom and looked at a few trees. I think the kids had more fun getting to ride in pepère’s truck than looking for a christmas tree… but they did enjoy themselves, and that’s the important part. They hopped into the box of the truck to pull the tree all the way in as well and were really happy with their accomplishement. I wished we had had snow… but at the same time, sometimes, without snow, it’s that much easier! Now it will sit outside at our house for a week and will get decorated next Saturday…
Glipses :: Christmastime Traditions

Glipses :: Christmastime Traditions

Glipses :: Christmastime Traditions
… and finally, the hard work of pulling it into the truck.

It’s nice to be sharing traditions of my childhood with the kids… even though ours required a week-end away to my parents and not just an afternoon forest walk, like it would have been for me, growing up.

oh, and of course like any wintertime outdoor tradition it was followed by… hot cocoa. I just didn’t get a photo of it!


2 thoughts on “Glipses :: Christmastime Traditions

  1. Great images. The little girl looks so serious in the last photo LOL
    They look like they are having the most wonderful time though 🙂

    Hope the Hot Chocolate was good!

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