Glipses :: Christmastime Traditions

For the month of december, I hope to document the merry making that takes place around our home. Lots revolves around the holidays and I am trying to maintain a balance so that nobody gets overwhelmed along the way… I do hope to share as much as I can, for documenting purposes as well, but am not going to set the bar too high. I can’t afford to get overwhelmed with six weeks of pregnancy left.

glipses of christmas time traditions

glipses of christmas time traditions

The annual letters to Santa. Just like I used to do as a child. And now the anticipation of Santa’s reply.

Elizabeth, while writting our letters today said “I would like a tiny donkey. and a tiny dog.” [pause] “But Santa, it’s ok if you don’t have any, it does NOT matter. I will be happy anyways.” While I struggle with the “wants” and “needs” we seem to be pushing onto our children during this season, I am glad that she seems to be learning the balance. Hopefully it stays with her.

and finally, sending them off…
glipses of christmas time traditions


3 thoughts on “Glipses :: Christmastime Traditions

  1. what a sweet loving spirit. 🙂 love single all the sweaters and mittens and cold weather clothes. Makes me excited to visit our family that live in cooler climate.

  2. Reading your comment on my recent post, I can understand why you don’t want to set the bar too high! I hope focusing on these traditions helps slow your mind down as you settle in to wait for the time the new babe decides it’s time to meet you on the outside. I’ll be thinking of you!

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