Chalkboard in my kitchen…

I painted a few surfaces with chalkboard paint to have scribbling places in my kitchen. In the cupboard area, I replaced the stainglass in the door by a double sided painted board. I am one that needs change often, and I was wanting something different in that cupboard (even though the stain glass is beautiful) and figured this was an easy change. I can change it back anytime I want, so it was an easy switch. I love it. It’s dramatically different enough to feel like it’s a real change!

chalkboard kitchen

chalkboard kitchen

And in the dinning room, I painted the glass of two 20×30 photo frames. I don’t have a before — and even my after makes it hard to really tell the size & such because my lense is quite zoomed (which I should deal with before a baby enters our home… it’s difficult to only use an 85mm indoors and that’s what i’ve been using since my 50mm broke about 18 months ago)

I think I’ll keep a small schedule up there that I can change up once a week with the kids. The frames used to house different photographs that were just slipped into the side of the frame, on top of the glass — if the chalkboard gets ‘old’ then I can just slip them back in!

chalkboard kitchen
(yes, I must desperately change the fall colours to winter ones above…!)

So far, I’m really loving our new doodling spaces!


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