baby knits.

baby knits

This blog has been quiet… mostly because my energy is oh-so-very-low these days. I don’t remember being this tired in my third trimester the first time around, but I do remember being home and having nobody to answer to… therefore naps were had when naps were needed… this time around, not so much! I’m almost 32 weeks. It’s hitting me a little more every day that this baby will be joining our family in the near future.

And so I present you… baby knits. My sister who lives in New Zealand is also expecting and my brother as well. (as well as 4 other cousins, making that SEVEN of us all due within a span of 6 weeks!) Because of these extra nieces and/or newphews being added to our family, the knitting has been shared amongst the list of babes, and not just mine. And I think that’s a very good thing. I do believe it’s the only way to control the ‘over the top three month old baby knitting’ I probably would have been doing if I only had my own to knit for. It’s a good thing, because now I’ll be able to knit something gender specific when our baby arrives without feeling like i’ve already got too many pieces! Though as much as I’m realizing daily that this baby will be joining our family shortly, I’m also coming to the realization that I will also have less knitting time/energy… thankfully baby knits are tiny.

This is a basket of mostly still in progress (at various stages) knits… I’m on a diaper cover (longies & soakers) kick — they’re sooo quick and will hopefully be sooo practical. We didn’t use wool with our newborns last time (we used them from 6mths on as night covers) and I’m hoping that this time we can use it quite a bit. Otherwise, the baby will have adorable pants regardless! The beige longie is made of O-Wool and the darker ones are made with cascasde eco. That’s one skein of yarn that goes on for ever! I plan on making a few more with it. The tiny darker longies scream ‘woodland creature’ — I think it needs a little mushroom sewn on the bottom of the leg. We’ll see!

baby knits

baby knits

And this is a tiny (tiny) leaves cardigan and legwarmers that I knit my niece – my brother’s baby due 2 weeks after ours. It was nice to know it was a girl and be able to knit girly things. I used a sport weight yarn and a smaller needle and cast on less stiches to make it a small sized cardigan since the pattern starts at 2. It’ll be adorable to capture Elizabeth & her baby cousin in the same sweater sometime this winter/spring.

baby knits

baby knits

baby knits

Now, it seems like a lot of progress, a lot of knitting. But I still have loads I’d love to create. I also had a long list of sewing projects to accomplish but as my energy is slowly leaving me I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I may not manage to tackle it… I do really want to make a mattress (well, more of a quilted top I guess) for our new to us cradle… and everything else might just have to wait.

Now, if only I could find enough energy to get through all the meals of the day without feeling like I’m losing my sanity, life would be that much better around here.


4 thoughts on “baby knits.

  1. Oh these are just so sweet and adorable. Your family is lucky with all the knitting activity and new babies.
    I remember in my last 2 pregnancies wishing that the kids I did have were self cleaning and self meal making. Kind of like an oven feature but no such luck. Thank goodness for take out.

  2. Wow 7 babies due in 6 weeks! Those longies are adorable. I’m jst about to learn to knit – for real this time I mean. I want to see little longies on my babies feet one day and damn it, I CAN Master that tension problem

  3. Beautiful knits, and you seem to have quite a lot on your needles still!
    You’re absolutely right about the over abundance of 0-3 months knits, I had my own, plus what I was given. Some items unworn because too small (my baby was on the bigger side).
    Still, nothing cuter than a tiny baby in hand knits.

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