Waldorf inspired preschool – my children.

Yesterday, I was invited to spend part of the morning at school with my children to celebrate their birthday. They had a special story told and a birthday cake and a handmade gift from their teachers. Naturally, I took along my camera. The photographs are mostly from outside, because that’s where they spend most of their time. And because it was so cold that when we went in for storytime my camera was too cold too shoot! I did snap one of the snack table, though it’s through a fog. oh well.

Here are some from that morning, a typical morning at their school. It’s going to be a really really rude awakening when they transition from this lovely environment into a more traditional/mainstream education system. School is a very sensitive topic in our home and at four, we’re still not quite sure what our next steps in this journey will be. How I wish it involved being outside for a large part of everyday…

Ok, back to the present. The present in which they ARE outside for most of the day.

A waldorf inspired preschool

A waldorf inspired preschool
:: one of Elizabeth’s favorite things at school.

A waldorf inspired preschool

A waldorf inspired preschool

A waldorf inspired preschool

A waldorf inspired preschool

A waldorf inspired preschool
::this is new to the school this year. how I wish we had chickens…

A waldorf inspired preschool
:: this was a lucky, unusual thing to witness — but this bird flew over the group and then perched itself in the tree for a while…

A waldorf inspired preschool
:: a child’s craft. I learned through this program that four year olds can sew. My daugther annouced to her teacher that ‘her mama doesn’t let her sew’ – oops. I didn’t think they were ready, but they ARE. Elizabeth has sewn a bird like this one and Alexandre a star — I must get them sewing and I must also educate myself on what is age appropriate. Nothing like a sewer’s child who’s “not allowed to sew”!!

A waldorf inspired preschool
:: the snack table, through the frozen ‘fog’ of my camera…

A waldorf inspired preschool
:: and finally, the lovely handmade toys that were gifted to them. Alexandre the bear, Elizabeth the horse.


4 thoughts on “Waldorf inspired preschool – my children.

  1. Your children are so lucky to go to a Waldorf school or some form of it. I wish that were available for my boys when they were younger.

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