Celebrating four year olds… with zucchinis.

Today is my children’s FOURTH birthday. How they got to be four years old seems a mystery to me. Weren’t they just babies? Now they have thoughts, imagination and strong will. (oh wait, they had that when they were babies too!) They play make belief all the time. They transform any toy into anything they want it to be. They travel to New Zealand, Toronto, Brazil, Guatemala and other places around the globe on a daily basis. Normally in their helicopter. They have friends. They can help with random things at home, Elizabeth is especially good in the kitchen and Alexandre is fantastic at letting the dog in and changing the garbage bag! They’re incredibly different, yet similar in some aspects. They’re in sync; their play leads them down the same path where I’m fairly certain another chid could be a little lost. They don’t have to fully speak their thoughts yet the other knows.

they’re happy. and for their fourth birthday, we celebrated this week-end with Zucchini Races with some of their friends. It turned out brilliantly, if I do say so myself. The crafting was a hit with all the kids and the racing was loads of fun too, even if only ONE zucchini made it all the way down the ramp unassisted. Frankly, that wasn’t the important part.

Alexandre was especially happy I think that we kept it quite tiny. He had a blast whereas if we had invited a few more grownups it would have been too crowded for him.

Here are the zucchinis in process…
Happy 4th birthday

Happy 4th birthday

Happy 4th birthday

zucchinis taking a drying break while we ate cake and opened gifts…
Happy 4th birthday

Here are the zucchinis… heading down the ramp…
Happy 4th birthday

Happy 4th birthday

Happy 4th birthday

and of course no birthday party would be complete without cake. Elizabeth had a hard time wrapping her mind around the tradition that you do not bake nor decorate your own birthday cake. I have to say, perhaps it’s not an important tradition. Though her face was worth it when she saw her ladybug cake — but she wanted to help soooo badly. Today I think we’ll bake a little cake because honestly, it’s what she loves best.
Happy 4th birthday

Happy 4th birthday

Alexandre was most happy to see the tiny tiny ottawa senators logo on the middle of his cake!
Happy 4th birthday

Happy 4th birthday

Happy 4th birthday

Happy Happy birthday to two tiny precious little people that we have the joy of discovering daily. Hoping next year is a big adventure full of more exploring, together, daily. xo.

6 thoughts on “Celebrating four year olds… with zucchinis.

  1. Happy birthday to them both! It looks like they were so, so happy for their celebration. It’s so fun to see Elizabeth wearing her Tiny Tea Leaves so much!🙂

  2. Thank you for this great idea! This is pretty much of unheard of in Australia🙂 We made them for my son’s gardening themed party last week and they all had a wonderful time designing their racers (even the grownups).

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