A camera that is good for the soul.

October 20th is an important key date in my life. It’s also the day I happened to start blogging, 2 years ago. All day I wondered what I would blog about… but seeing as it was a particularly challenging day and my energy seems to be lacking (perhaps because of the pregnancy, or maybe just from the fact that I seem sick most of the time these days…) I thought perhaps I would not blog about it at all.

And then my husband walked through the door with a few rolls of film I had dropped off last week for processing. And just like that, my day got a little brighter.

I’m not going to share many words, not even many photographs. But i’m going to share. Because these photographs make me happy, make me me. How a small plastic toy camera could ever do so much for one’s soul is mystery, but it is what it is.

Please note that these are bad scans of proofs – my proofs look better, but as I mentioned my energy is lacking and I can’t spend time on these tonight. I must also get back to the knitting that is calling (an adorable tiny leaves sweater for my tiny niece due in January).

First, family photos — captured on 10/10/10. Only 3 photographs were snapped with the Holga during the session and I love all three. (though I only scanned two)


The next two are from our cottage vacation at the end of August/beginning of September. I shot the kids on the tire swing so much (like crazy over shooting) because I wanted “the shot” to print for their new playroom coming this winter. I wanted a large film photograph — and I got it. So happy. I’m still waiting on a roll of 35mm that might have something fun on it too — but this one is getting printed for sure.

and finally… all encompassing ME.

Morning Light +
Swift +
Organic Wool (that has been knitted into Elizabeth’s gorgeous Tiny Leaves cardigan) +
Vacation +
120 Negative from Holga
= Magic.

p.s. for those wondering my due date, it’s January 14th 2011.


3 thoughts on “A camera that is good for the soul.

  1. Wow wow wow gorgeous pictures from your Holga 🙂
    In this moments with everything digital is really great. I love the swing picture is the best, the light, the mood.

    Let me tell you yesterday I posted 3 costumes to a paper doll called Lulu that I did it. Maybe you girl likes it.
    My girl is turning 3 next friday.

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