WIP :: Felted Slippers

This week-end after we finished our pumpkin, we started on slippers I had been meaning to make with the kids for a long time… Armed with wool of their choice for the project, we started. I watched this video the night before and it was helpful — I have to say that the biggest thing I took from it was wetting each layer before moving onto the next – which I don’t usually do — but now I do. HUGE difference in the ease of layering. I find it hard to manage the cloud that becomes your PILES of roving on a resist — but this way it was SUPER easy to manage and of course, the kids LOVED being able to wet the project more often!

First, we did Elizabeth’s – mostly because Alexandre was having more fun doing dishes at this point.

Slippers :: in progress
:: the inside layer of her slippers

Slippers :: in progress
:: the outside layer, soapy/felting.

Slippers :: in progress
:: the ‘while felting’ photograph – the one on the left was nearly complete at this point.

Slippers :: in progress
:: and the finished slippers! Though at this point in time they are still awaiting some needle felting – I’m thinking white daisies to pop off the dark colours, but ultimately Elizabeth will decide.

Slippers :: in progress
:: while we were doing that Alexandre joined us and had a blast playing with water drops…

2 days later (we had to break for thanksgiving festivities!) we started on Alexandre slippers.

Slippers :: in progress
:: the green inside layer.

Slippers :: in progress
:: the blues on the outside layers

Slippers :: in progress
:: and the ‘while felting one slipper’ photograph. Unfortunately, this is where the slippers currently sit. We ran out of energy/time. Worse is that I don’t think I’ll manage to felt it down to the right size — I used a bit more wool than for Elizabeth (and a bit of different wool too) and I’m not sure if that’s why but I’m still an inch longer than I need to be for them to fit — so they might be his ‘next pair of slippers’ while we work on new ones.


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