Happy Thanksgiving… and a felted pumpkin.

Felted Pumpkin
Today is thanksgiving, and so I thought I’d share the pumpkin the kids & I spent saturday afternoon working on. The instructions are mostly from a living crafts article.

Felted Pumpkin
:: the inside layer

Felted Pumpkin
:: the outside layer

Felted Pumpkin
:: the tied & ready to go pumpkin

Felted Pumpkin
:: while felting, Elizabeth did so much of this step. once the pumpkin was tied she actually said to me ‘it’s ok mama, we know how to do this, you can go do something else…’ oh the independence of a four year old.

Felted Pumpkin
:: and now, everybody’s favorite part “please bounce the pumpkin up and down on the bubble wrap”

Felted Pumpkin
:: for as long as you wish!

Felted Pumpkin

Felted Pumpkin
:: the finished project, a beautiful little pumpkin, for our fall seasonal decorations. A wonderful addition!

wishing you and yours a happy thanksgiving, if celebrating.


4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving… and a felted pumpkin.

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