WIP Wednesday :: for all three children.

For the first time ever, I have something on the needle(s) for my THREE children. THREE. What an concept!

A tiny leaves cardigan for Elizabeth (raveled here) that’s oh-so-close to being finished… As per the pattern I made the button band with the smaller needle — but I have to take it off. not only does it not work for me, it also puckered when I cast off. I’ll use the bigger needles (the ones most of the cardigan is knit in) and do a sewn bind off I think so that it doesn’t look like it currently does!

and socks.(raveled here) A necessity. There’s a few thing on this necessity list, but this is where i’m starting.

A sweater for Alexandre (raveled here) that I’ve only just begun. This is knit in Cascade Sierra which is 80% cotton/20% wool — I LOVE it for children’s knits — BUT I really wish I was knitting it in wool… His picky issues wont let me though, and I would really love for him to wear this one, so mostly cotton it is!

and for the baby…. longies! (raveled here) I’m hoping to use wool for diaper covers with this baby from younger than we did with our two older ones. They started around 6 months and we only used them at night. This time around, in my ideal world, I would use them exclusively — though I am somewhat scared of newborn poop on handwashable wool… therefore we’ll see how it goes! at absolute worse, this baby will have one adorable pair of pants! (or a few… depending how quickly I knit these up and if I can find more wool without actually buying any… my stash NEEDS to be tackled before more yarn is purchased!! who am I kidding? I know I don’t have soaker/longie wool in my stash… it’s just wishful thinking that I wont buy more wool!)

and this absolutely adorable outfit :: Small Things Romper – it was to be my first knit (raveled here), and it’s barely started — but i’m knitting it, that’s what counts, right? I decided to knit it in the three month size hoping it fits for the cold cold months. And I lost my nerve and decided to make it in superwash wool…!


What have you been knitting?


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