{this moment}

First, I have lots to post of fall fun things we’ve been doing — but i’m simply too exhausted. I cannot believe it’s friday again – though I am thankful. Hopefully with proper rest I’ll manage to kick this cold I’ve now had for far too long this week-end. And then hopefully I’ll manage to share a few posts next week!

{this moment}
{The last of the gardening, in the shared family garden at the family farm. Is it normal to be jealous that a garden has a better view than my house does?}

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16 thoughts on “{this moment}

  1. Oh this photo is just beyond fantastic! It looks straight out of a magazine with an article on perfect fall days:) I’m running over to flickr asap to check out more of your pictures now!

  2. Beautiful scene and lovely colors. The children look intent upon their work, with shovel in hand. 🙂 I can see the brown creeping in, a bit sad to see the garden go isn’t it?

  3. I simply must tell you how happy I am to have found your blog (not sure exactly how I got here … : ). Lovely to find a Canadian mama blog. And you made your sister an Emmaline apron so as I put the finishing touches on my sister’s birthday Emmaline apron, I feel perhaps, we are kindred spirits. I’m staying tuned!

    • thank you for the lovely comment Kelli! I’ve made both my sister the apron, and have yet to sew one for myself… typical of the crafter, no? 🙂

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