From my kitchen (and the market!)…

From time to time when things get overwhelming I think that nothing – nothing at all – gets accomplished in our home. And then I look through my photographs and realize that while some things are not getting done, other things are done daily or nearly. I don’t tend to photograph laundry for example though on occasion even that gets accomplished! I do tend to photograph food (my husband laughs everytime he sees me doing it – and he doesn’t even realize that he doesn’t see most of it!) Anyways — because of that, and because I find many things haven’t gotten done, I will share a post of a productive nature.

Food gets done. Good food at that.

:: tomatoes. at this very moment, these tomatoes are being reduced into sauce for the winter months. tomato sauce & pizza sauce. I had to buy these from the market — hoping that next year I’ll grow enough to use my own! (and that the birds will leave them alone!)

:: oven fries. delicious. Market potatoes, a tiny bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and the broiler. perfect.

:: ok, these are really on the table and not quite in the kitchen!



:: my mom and I took the kids apple picking in the pouring rain… and I turned the apples into delicous apple sauce. Now, I need to get a whole lot more apples so that we can actually have winter reserves, since this batch was eaten up quite quickly!

:: I forget the name of this cool looking squash I picked up at the market on the week-end. I’m thinking of turning it into a risotto… though haven’t quite decided yet… it might end up in a soup as many veggies are these days in my kitchen.

:: the beginnings of a potato leek soup.

:: butternut squash from my uncle’s [family-sized/shared] garden & apples from the market soup. Popped into the oven at 9 am just before heading out to explore the forest with a few hours and came home to delicious soup the kids couldn’t get enough of. My immersion blender broke while finishing this soup – but has since been replaced. I HATE the extra dishes using a real blender adds to soup making!

:: red peppers from the market, seconds before being added to the peanut stir fry…

:: fresh raspberry “muffins” (“muffins” that is more like… cake)

:: huge batch of spaghetti sauce turned into ten meals for the up coming cold months.

:: beef barley soup. I cannot decide if i prefer the soup, or the barley casserole that it turns into the next day.

:: stocking up at the local organic bulk food store — for soups! Well, not the popcorn, that’s for fun snacks!


5 thoughts on “From my kitchen (and the market!)…

  1. If it helps, I always feel like I’ve been lazy lately after reading one of you food posts; I love cooking from scratch, but I do tend to catch myself resorting to shortcuts more often than I’d like. Anyhow, you certainly do inspire me to get organized enough to get some fine food going in the kitchen!

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