Ten things I love right now…

10 things I love right now
:: Tiny babe knitting and trying on tiny baby cousins. Also, the incredibly soft silk/merino yarn, locally dyed by Kathryn.

:: When discussing what we should make/give Papa for his birthday in a few weeks Elizabeth suggested “a nose.” And we laughed saying that was silly. Then Alexandre followed with “that’s silly. it’s so small for a gift”. haha.

:: When I obviously don’t look that well (which is plenty often these days) Elizabeth always comes over to offer a hug.

10 things I love right now
:: Red tomatoes from our garden.

:: How much the kids loved their first trial morning at their school. In their own ways, each surprised me a little. Beautifully.

10 things I love right now
:: The decluttering and organizational start that has taken place in our home. Praying for momentum.

:: Our local farmer’s market. So thankful for wonderful produce available weekly minutes away for months of the year.

habit :: 11 august
:: Nora’s summer dress. The goal is for her and Elizabeth to have identical dresses but Elizabeth’s hasn’t been completed yet. Like every project this summer, everything is taking a little bit more time…

:: Short hair. Hair that doesn’t have to be up 100% of the time.

habit :: 16 august
:: Afternoon smoothies for snack. Makes me a cool mom for a few seconds.


7 thoughts on “Ten things I love right now…

  1. Blessings to you for your organizational projects & feeling good as your pregnancy continues!

    Seeing that last picture of Elizabeth makes me feel she & my girl are kin. Laurelle often looks like that after she has consumed anything. 🙂

    • Thanks Lindsey… I find it at times mind boggling how she can wear so much of her food on her face 🙂

    • ah yes, a mini version of me for sure… kind of funny because she didn’t start out looking like me at all and now at times it’s unbelievable how much she looks like me. Funnier even is how much my son looks like my brother when he was younger…!

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