A week of Habit :: 2 – 8 august

I guess perhaps it’s time to think of a different title for these weekly posts of daily photos, since the ‘habit’ invitation was only for July…

habit :: 2 august
2 august:: steamy & crunchy vegetables from the garden awaiting us after a long day at the beach. bliss.

habit :: 3 august
3 august:: transformation from the garden into cookies via a nearly 4 year old girl, with the help of a grown up. her idea of happiness.

habit :: 4 august
4 august:: blueberry picking didn’t go very well, but the eating part worked out beautifully.

habit :: 5 august
5 august:: playdate, beach date & dog visiting. happy kiddos.

habit :: 6 august
6 august:: the only thing better than the farmer’s market on saturday mornings is getting the veggies yourself in the garden. thankful for large family gardens!

habit :: 7 august
7 august:: It felt like a long day that didn’t go as planned. At least there was sunshine, a trip to the market and sweaters.

habit :: 8 august
8 august:: they helped with dinner. I decluttered the office. In between meltdowns it was quite a productive rainy day.


3 thoughts on “A week of Habit :: 2 – 8 august

  1. Oh, the beauty of the every day. The words with your photos mean so much. I think I particularly resonated with the last one, about the meltdowns & productivity.

  2. I loved Habit’s July invitation, also, and thought to continue my own way and version. It has been awhile since I visited here, Annie. Your photos have gotten very, very good. Your blog is like eye candy to scroll down. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hadn’t realized until your comment. Thank you for your thoughtful words! And I, too, have a friend whose been gluten free for a month. She’s already lost weight, lost her under eye circles, says she is sleeping better, and feels better.

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