A week of Habit :: 26 july to 1 august

I know, it’s almost a week late. We’ve been out of town and while I was keeping up with the daily photos, I wasn’t up to editing much.

habit :: 26 july
26 july :: another day, another beach. I couldn’t help but sit in awe watching them climb that I have nearly four year olds. Where did the babes go?

habit :: 27 july
27 july :: morning sickness and allergy season is not a good combination. crafting with scissors and glue that is spread with a paint brush on the other hand is.

habit :: 28 july
28 july :: heard the heartbeat today for the first time and was once again inspired by miracles.

habit :: 29 july
29 july :: She was so happy to learn a new skill. I was most happy about the cake she was learning on.

*** this one was on habit! ***
habit :: 30 july
30 july :: his expressions made the whole experience that much more worth it. such fabulous-from-the-heart giggles that makes any adventure better.

habit :: 31 july
31 july :: it was hard not to keep thinking about how big they’re all getting. a family gathering with 61 family members. a great way to end july.

habit :: 1 august
1 august :: we dubbed it the garlic festival and it was a wonderful summer evening. bring on august.


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