A week of Habit :: 19 to 25 july

habit :: 19 july
finally a renewed faith in mother nature. a sense that crops & vegetables are growing as they should this year. then again, so are the weeds.

habit :: 20 july
i long for my craft. i long for the ability to work it into my life again.

habit :: 21 july
my friend assured me I wasn’t the only one that cleans when expecting company. last minute crafting date meant rushing to pick up. thankful I now have a cleaner house.

habit :: 22 july
morning was bad. midday was ok. evening was worse. bring on tomorrow. hopefully, a peaceful tomorrow.

habit :: 23 july
afternoon tea with beatrix potter and children that fell in love with her stories. I’m glad I waited until they were three and three quarters to introduce them.

habit :: 24 july
we discovered a new favorite recipe tonight. I love new favorites, especially when it involves cake.

habit :: 25 july
packed to head out to my parents for two weeks. why is it that going on ‘vacation’ seems to tire you right out before you even begin?


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