A week of Habit :: 12 to 18 july

I thought I’d do weekly posts of keeping up with the habit. Then I thought maybe for a while they should be daily posts — and only those. only photos with very few words. I could handle that, I think. Summer is moving quickly, as it always does — and we’re very very busy enjoying the beach most days. Very little time to blog about life when life mostly consists of packing lunches for the beach, thinking of what to pack for the beach, thinking of doing laundry for the beach and then coming home and unpacking from the beach while utterly exhausted. a perfect summer really.

habit :: 12 july
we had to run from the beach because a storm rolled in quickly. we came home and had popcorn and watched the storm, as I remember doing as a child.

habit :: july 13
sometimes it hits me that my children will grow up to feel about this town what I felt about mine growing up. and then I wonder if I’ll ever feel that again.

habit :: 14 july
how can breakfast be like this and bedtime be such a struggle?

habit :: 15 july
I sometimes worry about the age difference between the first two and this new babe. But then I see her in action and realize she’ll be good in her role as helper.

habit :: 16 july
even neglected-because-of-the-heat gardens can produce amazingly delicious vegetables. thankful.

habit :: 17 july
she left her book on my pillow. she said it’s for my bedtime story because they had a baby just like we’re having. she wasn’t supposed to be out of bed, but how could I argue?

habit :: 18 july
visited with 14 family members on a random Sunday. beautiful large family, small town living. creating memories with my children, over an hour away.


3 thoughts on “A week of Habit :: 12 to 18 july

  1. Tout d’abord, je réalise que j’ai manqué l’annonce de la GRANDE nouvelle et je tiens à te serrer très fort dans mes bras et te dire un beau grand FÉLICITATIONS!!! Quelle merveilleuse nouvelle! Une grande partie de moi t’envie…*soupir* pas facile de prendre une décision d’avoir ou non un autre bébé…

    J’aime beaucoup ce que tu écris. Tu sais, tu forges de si doux souvenirs pour tes enfants, c’est chose certaine que leurs souvenirs seront délectables!

    Cath et moi avons soupé sur le bord de l’eau la semaine dernière et avons parlé de toi. L’idée d’aller à ta rencontre pour une journée, un lunch ou un souper est venue. Qu’en penses-tu?

    Bonne journée Annie!


    • Merci beaucoup Manon 🙂
      Oui, j’aimerais ça!! Avec ou sans enfants? (les miens sont anglophone… mais la compréhension du français est bonne!)
      On s’en parle!

  2. So wish we lived close to a real beach. I guess the river will have to do for my children, but they love it.
    Small towns and Big Families are the Best!


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