new fabrics for many (many) projects!

Yesterday Adam picked up some of the quilting fabrics I ordered at the post office. It’s always a happy day when fresh fabrics (or yarn or film) arrives.

These are for Elizabeth’s birthday quilt. I need to complete 2 twin sized quilts before the end of October — and I haven’t quilted much at all ever, and really not much in the last oh… 10 years? My mom quilts often and so does my best friend, so surely between them I’ll manage to have my questions answered and projects completed! Alexandre’s fabric are due to arrive shortly from a different shop… Elizabeth’s quilt will be based on Film in the Fridge’s Unfurnished quilt pattern, though mine will use the full collection of tuffed tweets and a bunch of purple solids.

New fabrics!
missing from the photo is lots of white fabric and a few different purples. The back will be purple — since she loves it so much.

And today I went to a local fabric shop because they’re having their buy 1 get TWO free promotion that they have at this time of the year. I came home and realized I bought ONLY solids. Must be the mood i’m in or something!

New fabrics!
Purple: thai fisherman’s pants for Elizabeth (i think!)
Blue: thai fisherman’s pants for Alexandre (i think!) and a dress for Elizabeth
Mustard: (which is NOT this mustard in real life — just didn’t photograph quite right) a top or dress for me.
Gray: A top or dress for me. the one that the mustard is not. Just trying to decide. Thinking dress.
Brown: beautiful cotton voile — for me I think, but not sure what.

New fabrics!
And finally — this beautiful old rose cotton fabric for Elizabeth. While standing in the store I kept thinking “either this will match the yarn I bought for her tiny leaves cardigan or it’s going to be too similar that it wont work…” but I love the combination. I’m thinking her birthday outfit. Now, it would be nice if I found a beautiful pattern instead of just making it up as I go… something like this or this or this.

Now, I better start sewing. I was supposed to spend most of today doing just that, but fabric shopping and chai latte drinking and a little nothingness has gotten in the way…


4 thoughts on “new fabrics for many (many) projects!

  1. Bonsoir Annie, beaucoup beaucoup de beaux tissus et de beaux projets en perspectives. Je suis un peu comme toi dans l’achat de mes tissus, des coups de coeur, des ventes et hop dans le panier… au boulot maintenant… sans négliger l’heure du thé bien sûr et de la sieste et de la plage… 🙂

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