A week-end of sewing… and snow peas!

A week-end of sewing

This week-end I got to spent quite a bit of time sewing, which was lovely. I set up my machine in the basement where it’s cooler and managed to get a few projects crossed off the list. I also managed to spent quite a long time frustrated with elastic thread (which i’ve worked with before, but for some reasons I was all thumbs this week-end about it?) and other issues… so without really counting those wasted hours I managed to nearly finish three pieces for the kids — with a few more to be finished this week. I realize Summer is half way through and summer clothes at this point might not be the wisest — but my pregnancy tiredness/morning sickeness has really kept me from sewing and I wanted to make a few of the projects I’ve had on my list since….. April. Spring, now that’s a better time to make summer clothes! Also, every piece should fit them 2 seasons, so that works out!

Next on my list is another dress exactly like this first one. And hopefully a few tops for me…. we’ll see.

A week-end of sewing

A week-end of sewing
:: eating [the very first] snow peas [of the season!] straight from the garden… the best! She kept offering me some and then following it by “sorry, all gone!” she ate quite a few!

A week-end of sewing

Elizabeth LOVES this dress – probably more than anything I’ve sewn her before — she’s been in it for most of the time she’s been awake since it’s been sewn… and she’s dubbed it her beach dress, so I imagine she’ll be wearing it ‘lots’ this week (well, to and from the beach — since there it’s hours of swimsuits!).

It’s a hodge podge of pattern/ideas. The neckline is from the Sew Liberated book — but other than that it was a little bit of playing to figure out what i really wanted — and the belt came out of necessity when I found it much too lose on her… and it works SO well on her with this belt, that it’s what has made me decide she really needs a second dress, just like it, but different!

The material is mostly from an old skirt of mine that i’ve repurposed now into this dress, a pair of shorts and this top. And I still have more to use as part of a twirly skirt, I think! The accent material is from my sister’s apron.

A week-end of sewing
This is the flower girl dress from Week-end Sewing. It’s absolutely adorable on Elizabeth — and while she tried it on for me, we didn’t manage to snap photos of it on… I’ll do that soon and share, it’s really beautiful. It’s made of cotton voile which I hope is ok for a 4 year old… it’s kind of sheer, but not really… at worse, I’ll make her a skirt or shorts out of white to wear underneath!

A week-end of sewing
And this is a shirt for Alexandre — the Kai shirt from Week-end Sewing as well. I’ve never put a collar on a garment before, it worked out very well… Of course Alexandre said he’d wear it “later. another day”. which might mean he never really wears it, only time will tell. It still needs buttons and it’s slightly too large for him — and will for sure fit him next summer as well (and still be too large for him!) I’m making another one this week (hopefully) out of an old shirt of Adam’s and will make modifications ot the pattern (and then pray it all works out!)


4 thoughts on “A week-end of sewing… and snow peas!

  1. Lovely, lovely! Did you like sewing with the voile? I haven’t tried it yet and would like to at some point. I’d really like to see it in person, first, though. Need to find it at a LFS!

    • I loved the voile — really, it’s sooo soft, silky like. I bought myself a piece too but now I’m not sure what to sew with it or even if i like it anymore… I hate when that happens!
      I bought it at a LFS — for the same reason you mentioned, I wanted to feel it and sew with it first!

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