Colours of my Kitchen this week…

Colours of my Kitchen
:: local produce for baked goods

Colours of my Kitchen
:: shelled peas for potato salad

Colours of my Kitchen
:: said potato salad, with peas, garlic scapes & summer turnip from the market.

Colours of my Kitchen
:: strawberry rhubarb pie in the making, for the winter months. 8 pies have been frozen.

Colours of my Kitchen
:: carrots from the market – major score for early July!

Colours of my Kitchen
:: tomatoes that taste like desert. I kid you not.

Colours of my Kitchen
:: strawberries. loads and loads of strawberries.

Colours of my Kitchen
:: rhubarb from my mom’s garden. Because I have a tiny patch and my mom has the biggest rhubarb patch (by a long shot) of anybody’s I’ve ever seen.

Colours of my Kitchen
:: strawberry shortcake. technically created in my sister’s kitchen on Canada Day – but still my creation, mostly.

Colours of my Kitchen
:: freezer jam that didn’t quite take. so maybe more like freezer strawberry sauce for ice cream all winter long. sound even better than jam, no?


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