habit :: 4 july

habit:: 4 july
His refuge, his way of grounding himself. Seating not permitted.

Everytime I visit habit, I wish I could participate, be a contributor. There’s something about the format that I love. It’s inspiring. It’s glipses. It’s wonderful.

Now, for July they’ve invited the public to join… and now that I can participate, I’m finding it very difficult. Maybe if I try hard for many days the habit will become easier for me as well. I do capture daily photos of our lives — I think it’s the wording that makes it hard for me, even though that’s my favorite part of the blog. So while I’m not going to attempt doing it daily (becaues I have a feeling I would fail) I’m going to attempt doing it often, and hopefully sharing. The whole ‘must share on the day the photo was captured’ thing might be a show stopper for me — seeing that my evenings are normally spent in bed, with pregnancy exhaustion!


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