Gorgeous Fibres for a New Little One.

new yarn, for a new babe
A few weeks ago I headed into town with the kids to wabi-sabi – a store that sells beautiful yarns and other natural fibres. Bonus is that it’s not very far into town — so I knew I could skip in and out in not much time with relatively happy children.

Something happened when we got there. Instead of being my typical three year olds who love to explore, they both became shy. (which is normal for Alexandre, but absolutely not for Elizabeth!) I suddenly realized I would actually have time to BROWSE. I might just leave with more than the three skeins of Mission Falls I came in to get.

And then something more magical happened. I found out they were having a one day only 50% off sale on many gorgeous organic yarns. AND I was being aloud to browse. They have a sale ONCE a year, and I managed to come upon it by coincidence. And we’re not talking a tiny sale. We’re talking a how to I limit myself when I know I’ll never find this yarn at this price again? kind of sale.

And so that’s how, on this magical day of happening to be in the absolute right place at the very best of times, our new baby due mid-January will be wearing the most beautifully hand knitted pieces in stunning yarns that I would never have been able to afford otherwise.

When I found out I was pregnant, I imagined this post. This post, in which the baby crafting can begin in the open. In which I can share the excitement of what’s coming. I imagined that this post would contain gorgeous tiny baby knits that I had been hard at work on since finding out… But of course, I had greatly under estimated the power of morning all day sickness. And most importantly, I had greatly under estimated the tiredness that comes with a new pregnancy. Finally, that fog seems to be lifing (at least the tiredness one) and I can now see myself knitting all these beautiful things, in the near future.

So intead of a blog post full of baby knits, I share with you a blog post full of gorgeous fibres. For baby knits. For OUR baby.

new yarn, for a new babe

new yarn, for a new babe
This is the only knitting that has been done for this babe. A baby sophisticate in newborn, yet to be completed. This is Mission Falls 1824 – such a soft yarn – the only yarn I set out to buy that morning, and the only yarn I paid full price for.

new yarn, for a new babe
This wool will be for the Small Things Romper in newborn size. I’ve also picked up organic cotton from knitpicks for a 6mth size too.

new yarn, for a new babe
This is one of two skeins of worsted organic wool that I will most likely dye (although it’s quite nice in natural as well for baby of unknown gender)

new yarn, for a new babe
Top: 80% Merino Wool/ 20% Silk
Middle: 30% silk / 70% merino; Manos del Uruguay — one of the nicest yarns i’ve worked with.
Bottom: 50% cotton / 50% linen.
For random baby things. I’m thinking hats, maybe.

new yarn, for a new babe
And this one is not from that store, but from a friend who dyes yarn beautifully.
70% silk / 30% superwash merino. I’m thinking of making Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap / Djevellue with it. and socks.

Stay tunned for some baby knits and sewing projects to be shared!

p.s. that also explains the overall quietness on this blog… the energy has been low over the last few weeks.


7 thoughts on “Gorgeous Fibres for a New Little One.

  1. bonjour Annie, mon amie de la blogosphère!!! Je suis si heureuse pour toi. Avec des jumeaux, je me demandais si vous alliez agrandir la famille!!! Beaucoup de travail et de fatigue mais un si grand bonheur. J’ai d’la misère à trouver du temps pour coudre mais comme le dit soulemama, c’est le day-to-day doing qui compte, une maille à la fois, une couture à la fois. Tu verras, tes jumeaux, seront déjà plus vieux et autonomes et ce sera le meilleur moment pour eux d’accueillir leur nouveau bébé!!!! je te suivrai. Ma bébé a déjà trois mois, snif, snif, il faut apprécier chaque moment.4.

  2. Oh, congratulations to you and your family, Annie!! What a perfect way for the universe to celebrate with you, with such serendipity!

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