{this moment}

{this moment}
{strawberry goodness from our garden. Elizabeth spots them and eats them as soon as she sees them… Alexandre and I managed to each taste one too this week!}

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22 thoughts on “{this moment}

  1. We had a strawberry moment this week, too. Alice ate her weight in strawberries, I think. I almost felt like I should’ve paid a little extra when we weighed our box at the scale! How jealous am I that you have berries growing in your backyard!

  2. Déjà!! Bon deux fraises ce n’est pas un champ de fraises complet mais ça augure bien la saison, d’ailleurs ce matin j’ai remarqué qu’un kiosque de maraîcher vendait déjà des paniers de fraises, demain c’est mon jour, j’y cours. Bon w-e. 4

  3. With my 2 2 year old checking for them every day , I think we won’t get to taste them either but it’s as good watching them enjoying the strawberries as having them ourselves, isn’t it?

  4. This photo is perfect. The little hands holding the delicious berries that will soon be excitedly swallowed up by a little sweet girl….
    I forgot we still need to go strawberry picking this spring. Thanks lovely.

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