First day at the beach… and a red-ish dress.

First Beach Day 2010

At 11:15 yesterday morning I realized the beach was probably opened for the season… so after a quick phone call to double check – we packed up quickly (and I mean quickly — the kids were crazy excited to be heading to the beach!) made a quick stop at the local bakery for lunch (the lazy picnic — but it was either that or skipping it all together for today!) and headed out for a picnic/afternoon at the beach!

Hours of happy playing. I swear — beautiful spring/summer days at the beach are probably one of my absolute favorite things about being a stay at home mom. The fact that we can follow the weather is priceless, really.

The kids played in and out of the water (which must have been very cold, but I didn’t even touch it to find out exactly how cold!) and we saw some canada geese & goslings…
First Beach Day 2010

First Beach Day 2010
And… while they happily played I weaved in the many ends of Elizabeth’s new summer dress – which means I managed to snap a few photos at the beach! I was oh-so-happy with this dress… but now that it’s finished, it weighs too much and it doesn’t fit her properly… I will attempt to stitch it a bit or put in a few buttons to see if I can help it — because as it is now, Elizabeth wouldn’t be able to wear it out without a shirt underneath — she’s forever trying to pull it back up and she only wore it for about 6 minutes so far! Regardless – it looks stunning on her in the photos!

First Beach Day 2010

First Beach Day 2010

First Beach Day 2010

First Beach Day 2010

First Beach Day 2010


2 thoughts on “First day at the beach… and a red-ish dress.

  1. Tout est fantastique: la plage, l’idée de pique-niquer, improviser, profiter du beau temps ET la robe!!! Cette plage a l’air magnifique! C’est où exactement? Tu me donnes le goût d’y aller! Est-ce que tes enfants font encore la sieste l’après-midi? Moi, c’est ce qui fraîne mes élans de sorties trop près de l’heure de la sieste de mes deux plus jeunes…

  2. If you crochet around the neck edge, it will keep its shape better. 🙂 As you’ve discovered, garter stitch stretches a lot! Don’t give up, though, there are ways to fix this.

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