handmade cuteness.

Waldorf-style Doll
This little waldorf buddy was sewn for a small friend who just turned one. A little boy that Elizabeth has claimed nearly as her own… Roll playing in our home typically involve Noah at some point during the day…

When we were invited for his birthday I thought the organic fabric I had sitting around from holiday gifts that never got finished would be perfect for him. And the hat came when I decided I’d knit him a hat and when I went digging for some organic cotton I knew I had, I found a hat I started a year and a half ago and it sat on a stich holder cause I had used the needle for something else at some point — and decided it would take a lot less time to sew & cut that than to knit new. It turned out perfectly.

Waldorf-style Doll

Waldorf-style Doll

Waldorf-style Doll

Waldorf-style Doll
::and the hat, before.

Everytime I finish one of these, I always *always* have this urge to make lots. It’s so amazing to watch them come together really. Knowing you’re creating a friend for a child. amazing really.


One thought on “handmade cuteness.

  1. I love this dolly. I love seeing other people make these, but I’m way too intimidated with my beginning sewing skills to actually make one. He’s just beautiful. Do you have a pattern you’d recommend for doing one?

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