A birthday well spent…

Saturday was my birthday — I managed to skip out to a local knitting retreat for the day (the retreat was friday evening, saturday & sunday – but unfortunately I couldn’t attend the whole thing…) The company was great, the food absolulely wonderful (and I only had lunch!). My mother in law had also mentioned that it was my birthday to one of the organizers — so after lunch they sang happy birthday to me with candles on a cake – and I don’t think I’ve ever been as surprised as I was. I didn’t think anybody knew it was my birthday….!

Anyways — bottom line, it was a really wonderful way to spend the day…

Here are [too many] photos from the day. Most of them of yarn. The yarn for sale was gorgeous! The yarn for sale were by Kathryn (local, not currently selling at large but hopefully soon!) and by Turtlepurl Yarns.



::I’m fairly certain this colourway will one day be mine…

We painted yarn, which is always fun. It’s even better to do it with others and see a bunch of different results instead of simply what you’ve dyed. The results were great!




These are the skeins I came home with —

My hand painted/dyed kool-aid yarn — it’s about half & half pink & purple.

My kettle dyed wilton food colouring yarn. The ‘I can’t help myself’ colours. I love green & blue. love.

And the only skein I purchase (i was good!) from Kathryn that I’ve started knitting into a shawl.

Oh, and there was spinning too… they make it look so easy!


5 thoughts on “A birthday well spent…

  1. Hi there!

    Found your blog through Ravelry, we both made the Neighbourly vest and I looked up yours because of the beautiful picture. Mine is drying but there will be pictures soon… 🙂 Your blogg is absolutely amazing!!! Love your photos and beautiful crafts! I’m new to knitting but will definitely put your blog in my favourites for more inspiration. Thank you and Happy Birthday a little late.

    Jenny in Sweden (jenda on Ravelry)

  2. Joyeux anniversaire Annie (en retard)! Pouvoir s’évader quelques instants et partir faire de belles conquêtes (créatives, on s’entend! lol), c’est toujours bon. Mais le faire le jour de son anniversaire, c’est meilleur!

  3. These lovely colours are bliss. I adore all the combinations but particularly the blue and green, a combination that seems perfect for the month of May – the month of everything turning green : ) Looks like a lovely way to spend a birthday.

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