Elizabeth’s Neighborly.

This project has sat unfinished in my WIP pile for quite a while… I’m the worse at finishing projects. And I need to figure out a way to better manage my WIP pile/basket. It gets overwhelming (um, maybe I should work on ONE thing at a time, that might help!) anyways — it gets overwhelmed and so things linger even longer…

Finally, Elizabeth’s Neighborly got completed, button and all. While I was knitting it I thought it seemed a little short but it is sized for bigger than Elizabeth so I just thought it was my imagination. Turns out I was right, I should have added a few extra rows. My row gage must be off or something.

Either way — it looks adorable on her and she likes it. As long as she wears it — I’m happy.

::doing the flamingo…

::running. she loves to run.

::nearly off the ground. a fantastic representation of her energy.


::searching for bugs…


4 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Neighborly.

  1. Love, love, love it! Green is my favorite color… and the pictures you took capture her & the sweater beautifully. Neighborly was short on my girl, too. I blocked it a little longer, but like you, just stuck a longer shirt under it and called it good.

  2. I love the photo… quand elle saute et flotte dans les airs… j’y vois également ma p’tite Adèle toute pleine d’énergie. Magnifiques photos et magnifique nouvelle création. J’admire les tricotteuses!! Neige-t-il par che vous?! 4.

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