A tiny kitchen project

and when I say tiny, I mean tiny tiny.

Months ago I replaced this large terra cotta pot from my counter; it held all my cooking utensils. As the kids got mobile, it held A LOT of stuff since a few of my kitchen drawers were emptied for safety reasons. I’ve reclaimed those now that the kids are older and managed to shrink my cooking utensil holder. I loved my previous one — but it was way too big for our small space. Enter re-purposed coffee tin that I planned to recover… and finally did so this week-end. A reminder that the 5 minute project should NOT be put off for months.

Tiny Project

Tiny Project
::after. Seriously makes me smile everytime I see it. Makes morning that much happier too — coffee + Anna-Maria Horner print, side by side!

The kids and I were going through a pile of fabrics trying to decide which one should go on the counter and they kept taking off with pieces… some were ironed, some were sewn, some were stuffed, and many were set up on their small table as a table cloth. They’ve been talking about me making them a table cloth ever since… I think they’re onto something…! Elizabeth was dying to put her scissors into a piece of fabric, but thankfully didn’t!


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