WIP Wednesday…




NEW YARN!! for socks. I get excited with new yarn, it really doesn’t take much to excite me… but in this case, i’m REALLY excited. I’m excited that my talented friend is selling this beautiful yarn… Now, I just wish I had endless time to knit and money to spend on gorgeous yarn! This is my first skein of hers. it’s BFL + nylon (80%/20%) and I’m thinking of knitting the spring forward socks from knitty — but I haven’t quite decided on the sock pattern yet…

And this is Alexandre’s Pembroke vest – the front! Still quite a bit of knitting to be done — and I’ve made mistakes the last 2 evenings that I’ve picked it up – so it’s taking a tiny break!

And I’ve cut out art smocks for the kids — out of an old sheet that I’ve used in temporary displays of my professional photography. The pattern is in the Sew Liberated book – and the part that I love most about it is that the kids can put them on themselves! (our current ones have velcro at the back of the neck)


One thought on “WIP Wednesday…

  1. How are you liking the Sew Liberated book? I’ve looked through it, but haven’t purchased it. I’d love to hear more about it.

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