Three bags full!

sheep shearing
Thank you, sheep!

Last week while spending a week at my parents we got to attend a sheep shearing… and came home with three bags full of raw [dirty] wool! Now, to spend the time cleaning it and carding it… I haven’t had a chance to touch it yet but I really hope to do so while it’s not summer like temperatures outside (like it’s calling for this week-end) Yesterday I just moved the bags and the smell was already more intense because it was a very warm day yesterday!

sheep shearing
My three bags are filled with the fleece of 4 sheep. That’s a lot of wool!

sheep shearing
Alexandre never fully warmed up while we were there — had had to be in arms the whole time, terrified. Elizabeth warmed up enough to stand on the fence – while my mom ‘held’ her there…

sheep shearing

sheep shearing

sheep shearing


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