WIP Wednesday… a vest and a skirt

Here is the back of Alexandre’s vest, nearly completed. Now to tackle the front. I had hoped it would be ready for Easter — but I’ve since let that go. As the many things I had hoped to accomplish for Easter… it’s been a week of practicing letting go of the ‘too many items on the to-do list’ and so far, I’m surprising myself at the ease. Although, come Easter morning I know I’ll wish it had been different, but I can only do so much. I absolutely love the look of these cables and Alexandre is quite excited by it — lets hope he wears it 🙂


And here is Elizabeth’s skirt — which just might be completed in time for Easter! (since her dress hasn’t yet been cut out of the fabric, I’m thinking it probably wont be!)


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday… a vest and a skirt

  1. I love that vest pattern. I made it for my son, too (who is 8) and he loves it and wears it. Makes me wish there were more “boy” patterns out there that I liked. *sigh*

  2. Both projects look great!
    I am full of admiration for my late mother. When my sister and I were kids she always made us Easter dresses and some years even coats. And she worked half time in a very demanding job!
    I made my kids sweaters but never anything for a specific event – would never have been ready on time.

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