When it’s minus zero…

on the digital thermometer, I always laugh at the minus part.

minus zero

Today, I left home and giggled that it was minus zero. I had noticed frost in our yard, but just bits… 1 minute from my house I realized I had to turn around and get my camera to capture the frost…. the amazing view was too much to resist. Plus, I know that it’s nearly over. Every season change, I am a little sad to see it go even though I always look forward to the next season very much. If it wasn’t for the winds we get, Spring would be my absolute favorite season — so needless to say, I’m happy it’s here — and even more happy that it’s calling for +25oC here for the week-end. That’s a rare Easter treat. But, this morning’s stunning view was a bonus gorgeous drive that reminded me that Winter/Early Spring will be missed.

This is what you get after a day of rain followed by a night of minus zero. Well, more than minus zero – it got colder than that last night, it just happened to be zero when we headed out.

minus zero

minus zero

minus zero

minus zero

Only two minutes away from this stunning landscape — the sun had melted the frost and it looked like the drab spring landscape that is just about to awaken…


5 thoughts on “When it’s minus zero…

  1. Oh Annie! These are gorgeous! I should learn to appreciate the beauty more… I was upset that I had to scrape my windshield again! Haha! You’ve inspired me to try harder. 😉

    • Thanks Steph! It probably helps that I don’t think I’ve had to clear the van off once this winter… maybe once. We have a carport and we stay home a lot — so that combination helps, I’m sure 🙂

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