WIP Wednesday…

WIP Wednesday
ahhh knitting and afternoon sun…

WIP Wednesday
This is Elizabeth’s Neighborly — which will hopefully be completed shortly. I need to finish the sleeves and sew the hems. The bottom hem is a picot edge and so will the arms when I knit them. The neckline is so nice on Elizabeth! it’s a tiny bit short — i did check gage but I wonder if I didn’t check the heigh one properly…

WIP Wednesday
And this is the twirly skirt… This is my current mindless bring-along-everywhere project and I think it will be completed long before I originally anticipated!

WIP Wednesday
And this is Alexandre’s vest… I didn’t gage and I’m thinking I really need to — so far it looks way too big — but I’m not sure how to gage test a portition of a chart. I should figure that out.

WIP Wednesday
And this is the hat Alexandre was ‘knitting’…

WIP Wednesday
and the socks Elizabeth was ‘knitting’…

the kids are forever doing this with my small needle — it’s really adorable.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday…

  1. I love the neighborly. I made one for my daughter and I think I should make another one a bit bigger.Such a lovely pattern. I just found your blog, it’s beautiful!

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