Birthday Touches…

a birthday

We celebrated my mother in law’s birthday on the week-end… the camera stayed home – but I couldn’t help taking some photos of this gorgeous cake we ordered and the 65 beautiful roses that decorated the space as well as the quick personalized banner I made for the occasion…

The cake — gorgeous + delicious! (made by my neighbour who makes beautiful cakes!)
I over photographed this cake quite a bit — reminded me of my wedding photography days! Alexandre wanted to open it, having a hard time wrapping his mind around the fact that it was in fact CAKE and not a present. And Elizabeth thought it was very nice, but wondered why she couldn’t make the cake for Grandma’s birthday…

a birthday

a birthday

a birthday

The flowers — 21 bouquets around the party location (a local coffee house – it was a great place for a private party!). The vases are the vases that we bought for our wedding nearly 7 years ago (at our wedding they had been filled with flowers from my mom’s garden…) They’re photographed here the next day, at home… we ended up with a few of the bouquets. Fresh flowers are definately not in our typical weekly budget but I often want to pick some up for a splash of colour — so these were very welcomed on our dining room table this week-end!

a birthday
:: the before of a few of the roses…

a birthday

a birthday

And the banner — quick, colourful, customized in themed colours & inexpensive. I really like how it turned out… 23 4×6 photographs of letters done in photoshop strung together with a colourful matching ribbon. Easy peasy! (especially when my mom is over to help with finishing touches!) The banner was hung behind the band… shown here on my dinning room wall held up by my mom + my husband!
a birthday

a birthday


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