Sewing a new wardrobe…

Spring/Summer top #1

Well, starting to for the kids. Anybody else find spring inspiring for sewing? I sew year round, but something about spring makes my sewing list grow and grow – although surprisingly this year so did my knittin list… but yet the hours of the day hasn’t changed… um…

I’m hoping to convert a large pile of adult sized-clothing into kid-sized clothing for the upcoming months. I started with this adroable blouse top by Meg from the sew Liberated: 20 stylish projects for the modern sewist. I really really like the projects in this book – and can see myself sewing most of them, which is impressive for a crafting book.

Next time (because I’m making this top again and again – I think many little girls in my life should have it too!) I will add a little bit of length — I find it just a tiny bit short and it’s already a little longer than the pattern calls for because I cut the pattern on the hem of the skirt without having to re-hem (doesn’t it feel like cheating? it’s so great it almost feels wrong!). I made the size M (4-5) for my daugther who normally wears size 3 although is starting to need a bit more length in 3 tops. (but has a serious hard time keep 3 pants up!)

This fabric is from a wrap around skirt that didn’t look right on my body type… I loved the fabrics but saw myself in a full lenght mirror (think wall of mirrors at the gym) and decided that day that it needed to be repurposed! It’s got so much fabric — Elizabeth will be wearing these colours either all season or for a few seasons.

Spring/Summer top #1

Spring/Summer top #1

Spring/Summer top #1

Spring/Summer top #1

Spring/Summer top #1


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