WIP Wednesday…

A post in which I catch up with an incredible pile of knitting. Here are a few things I`ve been working on — not quite sure where all the days have gone…

Knitting is my stress relief which I say over and over (and over) and last night I had a dream that I knit five sweaters… in ONE WEEK. I woke up when I was folding them all in a beautiful pile to photograph. I should revisit the dream and take note of which patterns I had knit – because they were all of sweaters I have seen…

On with the current knitting…

Socks — they’ve been on my needles for a little too long — knitting with nearly black yarn at night was not a good idea for me… these gorgeous socks were designed by a friend/master knitter that I have the pleasure to knit with at times amongst other great women… And they’re named after our small town!
Works in progress...

A baby sweater for a spring babe-to-be of unknown gender. It’s from Week-end Knitting, my ravelry project is here. The rolled hem is really adorable — it’s knit with a smaller needle, without it the sweater wouldn’t nearly be as adorable — yet without it I’d probably be done knitting it by now!

yarn :)
::Elizabeth, knitting in the sunshine!

Works in progress...

I’m planning on making a second version of this same sweater with this yarn for another friend having a baby this spring.
yarn :)

A spring hug in the form of a green Neighborly for Elizabeth. She came with me to the yarn store, and wanted pink — and I convinced her to do green — so that her sweater matches the 54 shades of pinks and purples she does wear daily — since the sleeves will be visible. I’m making modifications – the collar (which Elizabeth now thinks means I was knitting her a collar like our dogs collar, oops!) is from the with a twist version of the pattern and I’m going to add a picot edge for the arms and waist….

Works in progress...

yarn :)

I’ve also got a few dolls in my WIP pile… as well as make-as-you-go-take-notes-to-be-able-to-duplicate-doll-sweaters.
Works in progress...

Works in progress...

And these don’t quite qualify as WIP — but more “waiting-for-the-yarn-to-arrive-projects”… I’m going to knit the Pembroke vest by Petite Purls for Alexandre — he saw the pattern coming from the printer and when i said I was going to knit him a big boy vest like it he said “NICE!! can it be green?” Oh, twist my arm — force me to knit in my favorite colour… then he added “and a blue one too, i need two.” haha.

And also Elizabeth gets her pinks… I’m waiting for yarn (pinks + purples) to make her a Twirly Skirt by Barefoot Knits.


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