Dyeing in the kitchen…

Ok, I love dyeing stuff. LOVE IT. Yesterday while trying to avoid the television at all cost (olympic gold medal hockey game – Canada vs USA — quite stressful in our household!) I busied myself with dyeing projects and dinner making all at once… It all turned out beautifully!

I’m so hooked on it though that I promised Elizabeth blank silks that we could paint together… which sounds great. Except everytime I check Dharma Trading I keep adding more and more stuff to my cart — until I have to walk away from the computer – and still, the silks (and 100s of other projects) remain un-ordered! While the ideas/inspiration seem endless, the budget and space to store all these projects is not! Must focus!

On with the dyeing of stuff!
dyeing in the kitchen
First, we dyed some paton merino wool I had on hand… Elizabeth and I first turned it into a skein (well, first & second — the first one pictured here was much too small… i knew we’d end up with undyed spots!)

dyeing in the kitchen
Then the kids helped me dye it — we used Wilton Food Colouring this time — colours I had on hand… Oh my goodness, they’re sooo bright! Almost too much — the second I moved the wool the colour ran (the purple mostly) onto the orange — turning a section into a brownish-green colour. I also have random “purple attacking other areas of the wool” spots, but overall it turned out ok. Next time I will try only 2 colours…

dyeing in the kitchen
[Cheesecloth – before & after]
I had a bunch of the purple solution left over so I threw in some cotton cheese cloth & quilting fabric — it turned a gorgeous blueberry colour… until I rinced it. It turned out crazy pink!! I knew it probably wouldn’t work – but thought “well, it’s just going down the drain — let’s just see…” and now I know!

dyeing in the kitchen
Then I did a dye test. I have this silk yarn that I bought to make Elizabeth pants last year… I never made the pants, I changed my mind and decided on a dress… and half way through realized I really didn’t like the colour combination – so it’s sat in my stash. Recently I realized I didn’t like the colour at all — and that I wasn’t about to spend time knitting something that wouldn’t be worn… And so I’m going to dye it. I did a few tests – and I think I’ll dye it with red colouring — which of course, out of all the wilton food colouring I have – it’s the only one that was nearly empty and is now fully empty!

dyeing in the kitchen
Finally — I dyed 5 XL cotton t-shirts in TEA! I needed jersey material for a project and figured at 3$ a t-shirt this was the cheapest yardage I was going to find in a pinch!

dyeing in the kitchen

dyeing in the kitchen
[t-shirts :: before]

dyeing in the kitchen
[t-shirts :: after]

I must stock up on blank wool… and silk… and …. (see how this can quickly get out of hand?)


One thought on “Dyeing in the kitchen…

  1. Hi Annie,

    Nina told me about your blog and I checked it out. Everything looks fantastic, your photos, your cooking and baking. Your supermom!

    I know she mentioned that you aren’t selling dolls but if ever you decide to, I’d love to buy one for Anabella.

    Love the photos, I am just learning to use my SLR and hope to be able to capture subjects as beautifully as you do some day.


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