How I spent most of the week-end…

knitting + tea

drinking hot liquids and knitting, trying to fight a cold that left me without energy to do much of anything else… grateful for the help received that allowed me to do next to nothing… a friday afternoon at grandmas and a week-end working in the basement with papa ment the kids were in good humour while I … knit and got better! Also, discovering how many HOURS of fun can be had playing in clothes from past seasons that don’t fit anymore for the kids… absolutely priceless. They’ve emptied box after box while changing 93 times each and had a blast doing it…



Oh, and I knit my very first pair of mittens this week-end. Can that be? A canadian-knitting-mama who had yet to knit MITTS?? I’m sure i’ll knit lots now — they’re the quickest thing ever to complete! The yarn is the wool we dyed together — and I’m making a matching hat… and if there’s left over wool, she’ll get a scarf. If not, she’s ok with having to get MORE wool, painting it, cooking it, drying it and then knitting it into a scarf. Ok sweetie, twist my arm…


4 thoughts on “How I spent most of the week-end…

  1. I am another Canadian knitter that has never knit a pair of mittens. It almost seems like an offense. You’re mittens are lovely. What age are they for?

    • They’re a ‘custom’ 3 year old fit… I took an adult pattern i had on hand and changed the gage and kept trying them on Elizabeth making sure they fit 🙂

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