Quotable Sunday

I was looking for a mitten pattern for Elizabeth in Week-end Knitting and found both the pattern and this quote… something I need to remind myself of, often.

Have nothing
in your house that
you do not know
to be useful or
believe to be beautiful.

— William Morris



Because I can’t post without including a photo… two sunrise photographs from this week, back to back mornings.


2 thoughts on “Quotable Sunday

  1. Beautiful images. 🙂

    We’ve been de-cluttering with the kids and I’ve been asking them if/how each [useless in my mind] item will make their life better. They’ve been allowed to keep some, but for the most part we’ve been able to simplify our surroundings and they are now more aware of the value of things. So completely cathartic! Anyway, all that to say – I love the quote… and you’re not alone in needing to repeat it often. 😉

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