Painting with Spaghetti

or passss-getti as Alexandre calls it….

I saw this video on Manon’s blog last week — and she dared ask who was game. Ours wasn’t as elaborate as the video — but fun was had by all, which is the important part!

Painting with Spaghetti
Alexandre especially loved the finger painting aspect – even if in true Alexandre fashion asked to have his hands washed every 30 seconds — he managed to finish the craft without washing them and LOVED how full of paint he was 🙂

Painting with Spaghetti

Painting with Spaghetti

Who’s next?


One thought on “Painting with Spaghetti

  1. Wow! J’adore les résultats!! Bravo Annie! Tu as remporté le défi! Tu es la première à avoir tenté l’expérience! Contente que les enfants aient aimé! Je vais l’essayer avec les miens sous peu.

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