A french painting.

I call this Alexandre’s french painting… because as he was putting on each colour from the paint tray he was naming them in french…. which is a rare occurance. My children understand french but don’t yet speak it… and Alexandre often uses french words now… I must work harder on only speaking french with them. I must!

french painting

And this is what we were doing minutes earlier… until it got really blustery and we decided to head inside… We’re in a very cold snap for the next 48 hours – and I was trying to soak up the -5oC a little while longer — but with the gusts of winds it was way colder than -5oC and uncomfortable because of the blizzard like conditions! We could hardly see each other, standing together! Today it’s a beautiful sunny morning… but it’s -21oC and it feels like -33oC. I’m glad the plan had been to stay home today!
catching snowflakes


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