WIP: A sweater, wool for a sweater and a bag…

wip - cardigan for my mom

wip - cardigan for my mom

This is my mom’s sweater — I’m now at the steeking part. That means CUTTING THE SWEATER I’VE SPENT ENDLESS HOURS SINCE NOVEMBER 1ST ON. Oh goodness!! I’m considering begging my mom to change her mind and start loving sweaters vs cardigans… Actually, more importantly I’m considering getting guts and cutting it and being able to say I’ve done it. Surely it’s worse the very first time, right?

wip - yarn + fabric
Re-skeining wool…

This is a big project for me — I like small, instant gratification kind of projects usually. Mostly because of the lack of space to store on going project (which is more true of sewing projects…) and also because of lack of time. When you have little time to do these things — it’s nice to see it come together without it taking months! I say big, but it’ll be a very very quick knit in contrast to my mom’s sweater!

I’ve decided to knit the shalom cardigan for myself, in pure wool because I don’t have to buy more yarn (i itch like crazy in wool). I better get it done soon — because once it’s warm out I wont be able to wear it at all! But first I’m going to dye the yarn… When the kids & I dyed yarn last week – I had added a ties to their skein out of this grey wool. I figured it was so dark it would hardly take colour. I was quite wrong.

wip - yarn + fabric
It turned out beautifully. So I’m going to dye 4 skeins of the wool I knit my husband’s sweater out that needs to be unravelled. Thankfully – I had 4 left over when I finished his sweater – so I don’t have to unravel it quite yet… not that it will be worn, but still, I can hold on to the sweater a tiny bit longer!

wip - yarn + fabric
And this is fabric that i’m going to use for a buttercup bag… My mom asked me to make this for february in November I think. February was forever away. It hit me yesterday that it’s next week now. Where did the time go?


3 thoughts on “WIP: A sweater, wool for a sweater and a bag…

  1. Thanks Jen 🙂
    I finished it today — it’s actually a request my mom had for a gift for her sister, not for my mom! I hope she likes it!

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