A dance skirt for Elizabeth

The kids started a creative movement class a few weeks ago. Well, Elizabeth did. Alexandre participates in about 5-10% of the class… he’s a little shy. The day after the first class I was organizing my fabric stash and told Elizabeth I could make her a skirt for dance class out of some bamboo knit fabric I was holding on to for ‘something’… I used the fabric many times over in my head but loved it so much I had never actually cut it. Yes, I have issues. Anyways, she did NOT want the skirt. She wanted a white skirt like another little girl in the group. A tutu. I told her that maybe when she was older she could have one, but not now. (I really really hate working with tule!)

So last Monday comes around and they’re all excited it’s “dance class day” and Elizabeth asks all day if the teacher is at the dance school yet — all day long as per her usual… but in the morning (thankfully it was morning!!) she says “mama, you didn’t make my brown skirt…!” Oh, right – the skirt you insisted you did NOT want?

Needless to say — I threw the skirt together that morning pretty quickly… Now I know I need to buy more of this fabric, it’s lovely.

Today after they got ready for class I attempted to snap a few photos…

The “dance” skirt

The “oh-my-goodness where-did-my-babies-go” photos


Elizabeth, posing her self and explaining to me exactly what she’s doing as she’s doing it…

The “could these 2 kiddos be any more blessed” photo. They were doing “circles” like the teacher had shown them.

The “calm before the storm” at dance class

Alexandre sat through the opening warm ups and then he sat with me for the rest of the class — except when she said “everybody come together in a circle” because it’s like a trigger in his little brain — he RUNS when he hears that, he loves it. But still, he only stood there! He’s so funny, cause he comes home and does a bunch of the stuff from class – but there he sits and observes.


And finally — free dance… so free, carefree. A brillant way to be.


5 thoughts on “A dance skirt for Elizabeth

  1. Love the lines of the skirt, and the last action shot with it!

    Is this what you and your serger were fighting about recently?

  2. I like that you can see the little white tutu in the background of one of the pictures too 🙂 But, I like the brown skirt a lot more! 🙂 And, I guess A just has a different way of learning eh.

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