Dyeing Wool with three year olds…

Yesterday, we painted wool… oh the fun!! Santa brought the kids each a skein of Cascade 220 natural colour wool – and some kool-aid and food colouring… I think i’ve found a new hobby! (like I need a NEW hobby! haha)

the kids really had a blast… mixing and smelling and dropping and painting…

Dyeing Wool with Kids

Mixing colours…
Dyeing Wool with Kids

Painting… (sooo much fun!)
Dyeing Wool with Kids

I hope she keeps this excitement about painting — she seriously LOVES it.
Dyeing Wool with Kids

Peeking after we patted it down with plastic to move the dye through the layers… I think this might have been their favorite part…
Dyeing Wool with Kids

before it was picked up and put in the steam basket
Dyeing Wool with Kids

Dyeing Wool with Kids

Dyeing Wool with Kids

Dyeing Wool with Kids

My biggest lesson learned: MORE is NOT better. Alexandre’s skein looked GORGEOUS on the table – and when I picked it up to put it in the steam basket I got my colours running together… oops. Now, I know!

Dyeing Wool with Kids

Final results for Elizabeth (right) who would like a scarf…
Final results for Alexandre (left) who would like Orange. That’s what he says everytime I ask him what I should knit… He seriously insisted there be orange in his skein. And red. And blue. And green. Mama wanted green & blue… but realized that I could get more yarn for ME and paint it green & blue!! I’d like to get lace yarn and dye it to knit a citron

Dyeing Wool with Kids

Dyeing Wool with Kids

Most of my instructions were from an article in Living Crafts by Fiona Duthie and also this tutorial on Frontier Dreams — as well as a bunch of other random things I’ve read over the little while on the topic!


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