All our bags are packed…

Well, that’s not quite true… all are bags are [in the process of being] packed…

We’re headed to my parents for the week-end… a week-end of cooking! My sister and I are going to spend all day tomorrow filling our freezers… A day’s work for many dinners that don’t need much work. I can’t wait.

The suitcase Alexandre got for christmas from memère — the bag I made in November, and it just so happens to match! It’s from Week-end Sewing by Heather Ross — and I really like this little bag! I really wasn’t sold on it’s contruction before i made it – but I love how it turned out. I added a little pull tab to hold it while zipping based on flickr reviews I had read — and I’m glad I did.



This ends the second-longest-week-ever with both kids not feeling great… I’m thinking that the next 50 weeks will make up for it, right?
happy week-end!


5 thoughts on “All our bags are packed…

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