Winding Wool…

wool winding

On Friday I was finishing up a pair of wool socks for Alexandre with wool I had on hand (Mission Falls 136 superwash merino wool) and I asked my husband to pick up some yarn for Elizabeth so I could work on a pair for her this week-end… He came home with the yarn and a ball winder that I had been dreaming off…

I’m currently knitting a sweater out of lace yarn – which is where the necessity of the ball winder came from — although after I purchased the swift I decided I’d just live without the ball winder… the swift was already an improvement…

we went from Adam + I + 440yrds of lace yarn in one hour…

to Swift + I + 440yrds of lace yarn in about 40-45 minutes (not dependant on having somebody else around – chairs did NOT work for me!)

to Swift + ball winder + 440yrds of lace yarn in FIVE minutes 🙂
wool winding

and the extra added bonus…. the yarn looks oh-so-cool wound with the ball winder, don’t you think?

this is cascade 220 for the bigger hat i have to make my brother!
wool winding

As for the socks, Elizabeth had specifically requested PINK yarn, which is surprising since she almost always picks purple… the second Adam walk through the door, Elizabeth who had been sick with a cold all day says “but that’s not pink??” but she was happy about the pink purple-ish combination all in one — and loves her socks… She took the yarn from Adam and handed it to me and said “this is my yarn but you can knit it because I’m too tiny.” 🙂

Pink/Purple Socks

Pink/Purple Socks

And this is one of Alexandre’s sock… they’re both done – but I love how this photo screams toddler… The kids seem to be growing up right in front of my eyes — so I’m happy for this glimpse into toddlerhood…

Un bas pour Alexandre


7 thoughts on “Winding Wool…

  1. Hi there! I’ve been a lurker on your blog for a while now, but I had to say something this morning. 🙂 My sweet husband got me the swift and winder for Christmas, and oh-my-goodness, isn’t it *the* best thing?! My kids and I love mine, and my mother and sister have both already borrowed it. You have inspired me with those socks…I’ve never done any, but they way that you say, since in my early knitting days those were the hardest thing I could think of….yet even though I’ve more than mastered dpn’s, I have always worried. Well, now I have the yarn and the motivation…I hope my family likes it! 😉

  2. what a sweet husband to think of you! those socks look wonderful. A someday project for me – to learn to knit socks.
    Thanks for sharing and happy knitting and winding.
    Warm wishes.

  3. I remember having the same feeling of joy when I first used my swift and (borrrowed) ball winder together. I still love it every time, too. The expressions on your kids’ faces is fantastic!! My daughter loves to “help” me wind the yarn and frequently asks to “do some by herself.”

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