The Handmades: Christmas 2009

Goodness, it’s taken me a while to compile this somewhat incomplete list! It’s been a long (long) week it seems.

First, our christmas cards — I wanted to mention them because we sent postcards this year — what an incredible paper reducer! I loved the cards themselves – and loved the reduced bulk of paper that ends up in the recycling/landfills.

handmades: christmas 2009

handmades: christmas 2009

A friend & I spent a day making chocolates for some friends while our 4 kiddos played mostly well all day (of course since we were in the kitchen they naturally wanted to join in, but for the most part it went very well!)

handmades: christmas 2009

handmades: christmas 2009

I made calendars for many family members from… Shipping one of these to New Zealand to my sister was slightly crazy (financially) and a lesson learned. If there is a next calendar, it will have to be travelled in a suitcase like last year’s was!

handmades: christmas 2009

handmades: christmas 2009

handmades: christmas 2009

There were socks for my sister… (well, a sock for christmas but she had both by new years!)
socks for roo

There was this nice hat for my brother that became my sons… who then informed me it was picky after wearing it once. Oh NO!! i was oh-so-hoping that he wouldn’t be sensitive (i’m *really* sensitive to wool) but somebody told me to try washing it in hair conditioner – that it often helps… worth a try 🙂 (otherwise, i’ll line it with fleece) Oh — and my brother got a duct tape wallet too that I forgot to snap!


There was a gorgeous clapotis (wrap/shawl/scarf) for my mother in law…
handmades 2009

There was a photo board on a canvas for my father in law (I have another canvas that same size, i want to make this for our random photos too!)

handmades: christmas 2009

There were jars of dry soup and dry chili and our favorite pasta sauce spices/herbes for stockings on new years day…

handmades: christmas 2009

A sweater for my mother that I did NOT complete… still working on it and hoping it’s done soon — a little bit because i’ve been working on it since November 1st and it would be nice to start another big project 🙂

handmades: christmas 2009

handmades: christmas 2009

And a few other things — a backgammon wet felted board for my husband as well as a sweater that didn’t turn out very well – and I’ve decided to unravel (unless i find somebody it fits well, but I doubt it!) Also a gorgeous felted bowl for my sister in law — but my photographs are currently being held on a computer that doesn’t turn on at the moment! there were also a few photographs and lunch bags…

Most important thing I learned: This year, start MUCH earlier (as in now!!) or keep the projects minimal. This was too much, much too much!! (as you can see by the unfinished portion of the gifts!!)


3 thoughts on “The Handmades: Christmas 2009

  1. Quel travail impressionnant Annie! Je suis d’accord avec toi, les cadeaux créés à la main, on devrait les commencer beaucoup plus tôt! Cette année, j’ai fait la grève 😦
    J’aime beaucoup ton idée de cartes postales. Hop, dans le carnet d’inspiration!
    Mais… pour le tricot, tu dois tricoter 100 fois plus vite que mes 10 doigts 😉 J’envie les personnes qui ont reçu ces jolis présents!
    Bonne année 2010!

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