one word for 2010.

Have you seen Ali Edward’s 2010 word and most impressively the list of other people's words that followed? Talk about inspiring.


I will use this word to create new habits and change old-very-ingrained habits. Mostly, I hope to use it to do more. Break the habit of thinking and reading and planning ‘things’ and not doing most of them.

I need to work on the habit of:
:: leading by example.
:: following through.
:: spending much more [quality] time with friends & family.
:: spending much less time on the computer.
:: spending much more time DOING.
:: trying new recipes, at least weekly.
:: getting more sleep.
:: treating myself with the same respect I treat others.
:: shooting much more for myself*, as an artist
:: developping my film.
:: laundry. well, mostly of putting clean laundry away.
:: enjoying downtime instead of always be thinking of the next thing to do.
:: decluttering. You wouldn’t think it a habit maybe, it’s mostly seen as a chore on a to-do list once in a while… for my ‘old-very-ingrained’ ways — it needs to become a habit.
:: embracing less is more. And not just for 2 weeks in January which is apparently a current habit.

This is important, now. I look back over the last few years and see patterns that I wish were different. I see old habits that are not what I want to pass on to my children. I can clearly see that if changes don’t happen these cycles will not break — and that’s just out of laziness**.

habit. I should declutter my fridge door photos and keep only that word on it, it might help.

I read this quote on Child’s Play blog that I will keep visually available:

“This is not mine. This I am not. This is not myself.” I looked around my house, at all my things, and realized I was not any of them. And they weren’t really a part of me.

* photographs like this one, created with my holga… my absolute favorite of 2009 that i’ve only just discovered since I haven’t been in the habit of having my film developped in a timely manner. Changes will be good!

** at which I am QUEEN.


5 thoughts on “one word for 2010.

  1. Annie, I so loved this post. I spend far too much time planning, thinking rather than actually DOING and being present in the moment. Thank you for the inspiration and food for thought 🙂

    I wish you ALL the best doing making new wonderful habits for yourself and family!

    Happy New Year!

    pssst.. I was just reading about Holgas… your photo just convinced me I need to get one 😀

  2. Thanks for the link, it’s a lovely idea and very inspiring. The funny thing was just before I read your post I was thinking of my goals for the New Year and decided they all came under the title of growth, so that’s my word. That’s why I love the blogging community, so nice that there are so many people in the world that think along similar lines!

    Good luck with the habits!

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